Thursday, October 26, 2006

cutie aussie

Gemma...she is one of my favourite model. her baby face is just gorgeous! what's more, she is an australian...

Friday, October 20, 2006


"There are only 2 types of moments in life: Moment of joy and moment of great joy."

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


My friend in Japan was telling me that how eager she wants "Frisk case". First, I didn't understand what a hell she is talking about. So, here it is. A photo of the stupid case.
Can you guess how much it costs? -$50, no kidding. The one my friend wants costs $120...I wonder how much the ordinary mint itself costs.
I told her to think carefully before she really buys because I don't see the point of spending $120 for fucking stupid Frisk case. She said, "It's like a hand bag! I want everything I have to be cute and perfect!" ...go to hell. What the fuck is wrong with you, missy?

Sometimes, I see those unbelievable behavior especially on spending money of stupid Japanese girls. I cannot stand that. So stupid. They don't realize what they are spending their mammy and daddy's money on. I hate that.

places I wanna go NOW

-the gloomy weather would be perfect for just staying at home to watch movies and to read the books I kept halfway through for a hella long time...i love being at home doing nothing but wondering. besides, i would be in seventh heaven just listening to the british accent.

-too much influence from Lawrence of Arabia.

Australia (Tasmania)
-my home-sweet-home.

-food and belly dancing...tempting.

-i think Machu Picchu is the best place to wonder (with alpacas)

-where the last rap of formula 1 take place...Alonso!

-i just wanna grab some books from library in japan...have so many books i wanna read.

Monday, October 16, 2006

laugh out loud

I have never thought that there is impossibility in my life. I was always able to get most of what I wanted. Worked hard enough to make things happen in real. I had confidence that I can do whatever I wish.

Now, things changed. Bloody hell, I don't think I can make this semester through...

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Psychrometric Chart

The most beautiful graph I've ever seen... the shape, the way it works, just fantastic.

Friday, October 06, 2006

literally "Blow"

Always having a sense of humor is good. BUT I don't think I would like to try on...

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

oh no...

Alonso is in second place?!!! What the fuck is going on to Formula 1?!!!

I am a BIG fan of Fernando Alonso since last season. I don't exactly remember which GP I watched for the first time, but the race was the best ever and forever... The race was all about Michael Schumacher vs. Fernando Alonso, of course. Schumacher was chasing Alonso right behind him for 20 laps! I was impressed by Alonso's mental strength. How harsh it would be if you were chased by someone who had been winning world chanpionship every goddamned year...! He was just incredible. But now, they both have the exact same drivers points and there are only 2 races left for this year... I am so excited with this situation! The race cannot be missed since two of them are the best (or worst?) rival to each other and trying to beat each other.

...fuck US tv. Although there are hundreds of stupid tv shows, it doesn't provide foumula 1 races as ordinary program. I have to pay hundreds of dollars for the fucking program which provide mostly crap to watch just 18 races ina year. I wish I could watch the race...damn, if I were in Japan, I can just watch them for free even though there are only 12 channels. I hate this country...