Thursday, April 30, 2009

Buckminster Fuller

Don't you just love it?

instant public space

We always complain that the comtemporary urban areas lack of public spaces while we are surrounded by all available public spaces - we just have not realized "where" the opportunity is hiding.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

to-do-fun list

Since I am not motivated for doing my multiple tasked projects on my official to-do list, I decide to make my unofficial to-do list, in another word, procrastination.

Knowing the warm San Francisco spring sun shining outside, it is hard to be productive in a room filled with the intense almost-the-end-of-semester atmosphere among students, and lukewarm air heated up with their body and dozens of computers. I know it won't last long and within a month it will be done, completely. Though, I am one of the want-to-be-difficult people that my perverse brain doesn't work with such logic. Here I am, updating my blog which I never do to avert my eyes from the official to-do list.

To-do-fun listing number one: Getting books to feed my heart.

I have been one of the secret followers of Geoff Manaugh and finally his blog, BLDGBLOG, will turn into a printed goodness. I am not sure when it will actually release - although I can pre-order from Amazon, I would prefer supporting cute San Franciscan local book shops since it is one of the rare opportunities for me to get a "new" book. Secondhand is the best, baby.

I know it is typical Japanese-craziness, but I have to have a printed guidebook and waterproofed map when I travel - not any kind of guidebooks, but this kind only. Yes, I am traveling to Big Apple this June, again! One of the American cities I would live (if I have an ability and willingness to pay like a bourgeoisie). So excited I am. The gorgeous Central Park, architectures, museums, restaurants and boutiques...oh so so excited I am!

The last but not least, this book I have already ordered, will be such sensation. I have seen this Mr. awesome architect spoke at Whitehorse (on DVD...of course)and oh yes, I was impressed. This gentleman knows more than making pretty buildings for the riches. I can't wait to get rid of all crappy textbooks I am forced to read now, and start reading something more useful like this one.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Spaghetti Trees

...only April foolies can appreciate this eccentric information.