Sunday, April 15, 2007

Seattle's Best (update)

Better to have a picture, huh?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Seattle's Best (1)

Unquestionably I am not an experienced traveler who traveled enough to know what is the best and what is not, but there are a few things I can passionately talk about; coffee, beer, and wine (and anything whether solid or liquid you can put in your mouth), and those are the things I am going to write about no matter what.

When it comes to coffee, I am very picky. I like certain kinds of coffee that have certain characteristics. Distinct strong aroma is essential. Rich, bold reddish dark brown colour with thick texture, a hint of bitterness similar to cacaos... umm, how can I resist this temptation? I don’t personally like citrusy, almost sour flavour which most Japanese prefer. (I read a statistic about it!) Emerald city, Seattle, is full of coffee shops including the first Starbucks and what I love about those coffee shops is that many places roast their own coffee beans. I tried to go as many coffee shops as I could while I stayed, but you know, it is coffee. You cannot take 10 shots of espresso a day unless you party or read all night. Although I could only manage to go countable number of coffee shops, I found some lovely cups of coffee.

The best cup of coffee I had in Seattle was a cup of Breve from one coffee shop in Fremont. It was my first time to have Breve which is a café latte made with half and half instead of whole/low-fat/non-fat milk. In fact, it is a coffee for anti-diets. Unfortunately I wasn’t paying attention to the name of the place, but look for country-like rattan chairs with comfy cushions in front of white facade if you are eager to find. The roasty richness of coffee is strong enough to beat the milky, sweet richness of half and half, but overall, it is perfectly balanced. It was an amazing cup of coffee in fantastic atmosphere. Oh, yes, the other thing I love about coffee shops in Seattle is that it is not only a place to have some coffee, also a place you see many art. Most coffee shops in Seattle are actually café/gallery. If you don’t feel like questing a cup of coffee(even though I think it is worth), it’s ok, there are other places I remember their names too. Café Vita has an excellent cup of Americano. I have got some beans from the café. Victrola Coffee, not my favourite, but has nice citrusy flavour that some people prefer. Café Ladro that you can find several in the city actually has good coffee for relatively cheap and good exhibition going on.

...I know it is boring for some of you who have no interest in damn coffee but kept reading in case I put some lovely photos at the end. Well, this is the end and there is no photo I can put right now.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Who are you?

I am a female, Japanese, patriot, athiest, pacifist, racist, maybe sexist, probably feminist, liberal, also conservative, aesthete, emotionalist, realist, existentialist, idealist, sometimes materialist, skeptic, egoist, often optimist, sometimes badly pessimist. Overall, I am what I am. I am proud of who I am, and also ashamed of who I am. I complain evrything. I admire everything. I try to accept everything that lies in front of me, but often find myself being overwelmed.

Am I correct?