Monday, December 05, 2011

today's menu: compost

What makes my heart broken most living in this country, Bangladesh, is the uncontrolled waste management. Having been living in Japan, one of the cleanest countries in the world, and studied/worked in San Francisco for waste management program, the situation in Bangladesh was just unbelievable and shocking enough.
Bangladesh is such a beautiful country, nature-wise and culture-wise, and there are plenty of natural resources and human power available within the country - so why is it struggling and unappealing so much?
I notice that many or most non-profit organizations here are working for "poverty" and "health" improvement, and they have been working for a decade or more and spending $$$ for that. What I have learnt from university courses (which I worked my ass off) and work experience, poverty and health is very closely relate. Where there is a poverty, there is a health issue. It is because people with no fortune are driven into a place where people don't prefer to live, in other words, a dump site. And those dump sites in this post-modern era, there are not only trash but numerous unknown chemicals and tiny unlovable organisms we call virus and germs. And the worst part, those who live under poverty has many chances to get sick, but little chance to get cured due to their financial situation. So, hey, probably without the waste covering the streets, sidewalks, parks, ponds, rivers, even in rural areas, the world can be a bit brighter.
Waste management, I guess it is the issue not only in this country, but all the developing nations where population is growing but infrastructure isn't following. So, I came up with a little (but ambitious) project to start here in Bangladesh - "compost".

Here is my recipe for yummy compost:
• A washtub
• A big spoon
•Food scraps

and regular soil from the neighbourhood.

Now, let's experiment!
1. Make some holes on washtub (using something but a Bangladesh knife is preferable).

2. Pile up soil->news paper shred->food scraps->soil

3. Continue #2, and mix well with a big spoon once in a week.

4. Voilà! Compost (should be) ready for beatifying the planet!