Wednesday, June 16, 2010

whale poo are green

[image from Wikipedia]

Sperm whales offset their carbon footprint by poo-ing. According to Reuters report, iron-rich sperm whale poo stimulates phytoplankton, which inhabits on the surface of the ocean, to grow and to capture carbon in the atmosphere. Plus, unlike trees which release the captured carbon eventually, phytoplankton sinks to deep ocean taking those captured carbon with them when they die - what a wonderful creature (plant?) it is.

Can't human have something amazing system like this? A few months back, I wrote about a project/product that turns human waste to a fertilizer. Isn't there a way to implement this system in a larger scale (I mean up-cycling our waste, don't mean creating mass bagged poo) that we can be like whales contributing to enrich the environment surround us. Or can we only destroy our beautiful environment?

Wednesday, June 09, 2010


This is why we loooove Google.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Lego as a toy for nerds

I grew up with Lego. My parents are cheap, and did not buy/give us many kids' entertainment goodies. And books and Lego were the only things we were allowed to request. And once you have a set of Lego, you can make everything, I mean "everything". My brother and I used to make spaceships to roller-skates (yes, I was not as heavy as now). but these guys, oh man, are way more advanced than us. It made me want to dig my old closet at my parents' for Lego-fun once again.

[via wired]