Tuesday, October 03, 2006

oh no...

Alonso is in second place?!!! What the fuck is going on to Formula 1?!!!

I am a BIG fan of Fernando Alonso since last season. I don't exactly remember which GP I watched for the first time, but the race was the best ever and forever... The race was all about Michael Schumacher vs. Fernando Alonso, of course. Schumacher was chasing Alonso right behind him for 20 laps! I was impressed by Alonso's mental strength. How harsh it would be if you were chased by someone who had been winning world chanpionship every goddamned year...! He was just incredible. But now, they both have the exact same drivers points and there are only 2 races left for this year... I am so excited with this situation! The race cannot be missed since two of them are the best (or worst?) rival to each other and trying to beat each other.

...fuck US tv. Although there are hundreds of stupid tv shows, it doesn't provide foumula 1 races as ordinary program. I have to pay hundreds of dollars for the fucking program which provide mostly crap to watch just 18 races ina year. I wish I could watch the race...damn, if I were in Japan, I can just watch them for free even though there are only 12 channels. I hate this country...


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