Thursday, December 14, 2006

.:musik:. (update)

.:Sander van Doorn:.
He is fucking more to say, just listen and feel it!

Monday, December 11, 2006


Have you ever thought of going a world-round-trip for a year?
I know you certainly have, but I bet you never thought of it realistically.
Well, there is a dream-come-true product which you will be dying for!


Oneworld provides an unique flight ticket which allows you to travel among 6 continents for $4,300 US(¥500,000 JPN)!!!
Considering how much I paid for traveling to Australia for just 10 days, it is unbelievable price setting... OK, this is what I aim for from now on!

Thursday, December 07, 2006


-When I first heard his music, honestly, I did not like it at all. Too poppy, funky, light...but now, it is one of my favourite! After listening too much sickly dark (??) trance, his music sounds very new to me. Uniquely pop-house, just makes me feel like dancing (with a pair of brand-new shoes)! By the way, is it only me feeling like Hot Chip is copying him??

.:Alex Smoke:.
-HE IS THE ONE, I am telling you. When I heard his music for the first time, I was shocked rather than impressed. Every sigle one is an art work, beautifully, delicately made. He has been my best favourite DJ for a while, but I never get tired of listening to his music. No complain at all. Edgy but soft, disharmony but perfectly constructed... He is not famous at all, but who cares, I am addicted to him!

.:Ricardo Villalobos:.
-This Chilean (I believe...) makes simple, balanced, comfortable electronica. At one DJ ranking website, he was ranked as 2nd(!), but nah, I don't think so. He is definately one of my favourite, but not THAT impressive (Excuse me).

-Oh my god, he is coming to San Francisco this weekend!!!!! I would LOVE to go....fuck, wish I could. His remixing skill(?) is just amazing. Actually I like someone's music remixed by him rather than his originals. My favourite kind of electronica. Hoppy, but very bass-emphasized sound which I love...fuck, fuck, fuck! I should go to see him, shouldn't I?

.:Regina Spector:.
-Jazzy, rocky folk? Anyway, she is an ordinary singer-songwriter, but AWESOME! I fell in love with her voice and the unique and melancholic, I would say. Because of her background? (born in Russia, raised in New York) or not. Make me realize the joy of singing.

Monday, December 04, 2006

are you?

Such a weird concept, but somehow appealing.