Thursday, April 16, 2009

to-do-fun list

Since I am not motivated for doing my multiple tasked projects on my official to-do list, I decide to make my unofficial to-do list, in another word, procrastination.

Knowing the warm San Francisco spring sun shining outside, it is hard to be productive in a room filled with the intense almost-the-end-of-semester atmosphere among students, and lukewarm air heated up with their body and dozens of computers. I know it won't last long and within a month it will be done, completely. Though, I am one of the want-to-be-difficult people that my perverse brain doesn't work with such logic. Here I am, updating my blog which I never do to avert my eyes from the official to-do list.

To-do-fun listing number one: Getting books to feed my heart.

I have been one of the secret followers of Geoff Manaugh and finally his blog, BLDGBLOG, will turn into a printed goodness. I am not sure when it will actually release - although I can pre-order from Amazon, I would prefer supporting cute San Franciscan local book shops since it is one of the rare opportunities for me to get a "new" book. Secondhand is the best, baby.

I know it is typical Japanese-craziness, but I have to have a printed guidebook and waterproofed map when I travel - not any kind of guidebooks, but this kind only. Yes, I am traveling to Big Apple this June, again! One of the American cities I would live (if I have an ability and willingness to pay like a bourgeoisie). So excited I am. The gorgeous Central Park, architectures, museums, restaurants and boutiques...oh so so excited I am!

The last but not least, this book I have already ordered, will be such sensation. I have seen this Mr. awesome architect spoke at Whitehorse (on DVD...of course)and oh yes, I was impressed. This gentleman knows more than making pretty buildings for the riches. I can't wait to get rid of all crappy textbooks I am forced to read now, and start reading something more useful like this one.


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