Thursday, October 11, 2007


Today was so-called Cultural Food Festival day at my school, and as a member of one of so-called environmental organizations on campus, I (had to) helped them out selling and introducing organic and vegan food. It was actually quite nice that I could get all those healthy, homemade Indian curry, salad, and even a piece of pumpkin pie with a cup of Chai for dessert for free but it was until when so-called political debate somehow started right next to our table on this Cultural Food Festival day.

How wonderful (stupid) it is to arrange tables of Democrats and Republicans closely next to each other (and next to our table). First, one guy from Republican table came to Democrat's and started bashing about their posters which are basically bashing Republicans. The yell from the table bacame bigger and bigger, and finally overcame the loud hip hop music which breakdancers were dancing with. It is interesting to see people debate especially in the US where people have no difficulty presenting their ideas (sometimes without having any deep thoughts). The thing is, however, that people lose their temper easily and the whole debate can go out of control easily, and unfortunately yes, this was the case. Both Republicans and Democrats started yelling their points at the same time so that no one could understand what the hell they both were talking about, but somehow the so-called debate lasted about 30 minutes non-stop. From the next table where loving, eco-friendly food are lined up, my friends and I were just trying not to involve with their loving, exciting conversation (we felt fatal danger), but when the debate had finally calmed down, we decided to take an action; we offered GREEN tea for both of them.

You know, "environment" doesn't only mean nature-human relationship, it also means human-human relationship, in other word, society. So I guess by offering green tea, we made some difference in our "environment".


Anonymous guess who! said...

ahaha, yes, I remeber that food fair day. crazy people with their debates and energy.. the dean said to our class that saying things based on emotion is unreasonable. but he also said a quote that "being rational in an unrational society is unrational", hahah, any wayyyss, very interesting topic and blog though- also with pretty pics. (=

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