Saturday, October 06, 2007


Being pregnant is easy. If you want, just keep it as it is in your belly, if you don't, just get rid of it with a pill or surgery. And, here you go, there is no problem bothers you anymore. It sounds terrible, I know, but it is true. Unfortunately, emotion, however, cannot be solved that easily. Once it starts growing, whether you want it or not, you stuck with the chaotic circulation of questions without having no light of hope for however long it will take to settle. There are no such magical pills or surgeries you can get rid of it at once.

(Don't be disgusted by my metaphor, I am just being sarcastic about my life.)


Anonymous Cass said...

Ah. So true. That's why I hate when people say abortion is taking the "easy way out" because for most people (unless you're a complete sociopath) it is not an easy choice at all (not to mention what it does to your physical and mental health). Physically, yes, it is easy (enough) to choose not to have a baby but mentally, coming to that decision is never simple.

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