Sunday, February 25, 2007

Nah, mate, sold out. Sorry.

I was reading a book called "Down Under", written by Bill Bryson who was born in Iowa, US, settled in England and wrote about Australia, my second home country. Anyway, I found an interesting fact from his book.

-(the author was in Adelaid, found out that there was a cricket match between England and Australia.)
"...'Do you know, are there still tickets left?' I asked.
'Nah, mate, sold out. Sorry.'
I noddeed and watched them go. That was another very British thing I'd noticed about Australians - they apologized for things that weren't their fault..."

Okay, that's why my bloody housemate has never apologized me for forcing me move out from their house in a week even though it was totally her mistake that she didn't know anything about selling a house and didn't realize we have to move out until a week before the date the new owner is going to move in. Yes, Americans don't apologize obstinately.


Blogger Eugene R said...

Saying "sorry" isn't necessarily an apology - it's more of a commiseration, which, when repeated too many times, loses its meaning.

Just like when in America, when someone politely addresses me as "sir", it is usually to say something negative or restrict me in some way.

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