Thursday, February 15, 2007

Devil Wears Prada

This is the movie I was eager to see for months. Why months? Well, being such a cheap person, I don't pay $8 for just one movie. Whenever I go to cinema, I stay there and spend whole afternoon, sometimes even a day and watch several movies with one ticket. How clever (and silly) I am! And this is the movie I missed becuase of the reason, counldn't find any other movies I wanted to see with at the time. And I thought it doesn't have to be with huge screen to see this movie anyway.

Another thanks to my housemate who has comcast digital cable (or whtever it's called)! Finally I was able to see the movie every girl was talking about! It was, overall, just a cute movie but the CLOTHES, SHOES, BAGS....ohh, those were fabulous indeed! The story itself is nothing complicated, just like a teen movie. At some points, it might appeal something to those fashion-freaks but I couldn't figure out the fashion philosophy. Although I don't think it is one of the "greatest" movies, I understand why Meryl Streep, whom I think one of the "greatest" actresses, took the role. She played absolutely perfect and wore everything absolutely gorgeous. Anna Hathaway, however, was miscast. She was too pretty to play the role! She doesn't need Chanel necklaces or Marc Jacobs. Even with GAP jeans and a cheap jumper, she looked so lovely. Yes, this is the movie every girl is charmed, and I accept the fact that I am one of them as well.


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