Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Get ready, movie lovers!
Indipendent film festival is coming to San Francisco tomorrow, Feb. 8th! Check out the website and your calendar! (

So far, there are two movies caught my interest;

.:All the Lonely Poeple:.
It seems like several short films combined into one section (2 hours). And each sounds pretty interesting!
"Happiness"- A woman working in a condom factory tries to buy happiness.
"My Name is Wallace"-A lonely man falls in love with a sex-line operator.
"Dissolution"- Confrontig common perceptions of Islam daily.
"Night Becomes Day" - Alex turns his car into a “taxi” and sets out on a nightlong adventure.
"Die Besucher (The Visitors)"- A woman hosts a couple in trouble and becomes the target of their cruel game.

What's hot about this movie is the vivid colours, cute 70s fashion, and sexy girls! What more do I need? There is a video clip of the preview on the website. You'd better see and find out how HOT it is!


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ooh, thanks for the reminder!

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