Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Run Lola Run

I have heard about this movie ages ago, but until now, I didn't have a chance to see it. And finally I found the movie accidentally from the list of "free movie on demand" of comcast. Thanks for my housemate who upgraded our TV to degital one.

The story is very simple; a girl, whose name is Lola, tries to save her stupid boyfriend's life by getting 100,000 marks (yes, it was before euro had invented. And no, I have no idea how much it worth.) in 20 minutes. So, does it a short film then? No. Here is the trick to make a 80 minutes movie with 20 minutes story - just show the story several times! This is the film to show how life could be changed if something had or had not done. Each story has the same beginning, but different ending due to how Lola and other people reacted to small incedents happened to them. Sometimes those incidents are too miraculous (or absolutely impossible in reality) , but it is nevertheless a very interesting film. And the piquant techno music definitely helped to complete this film.


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