Monday, November 27, 2006

weekend project

This Thanksgiving, I was fortunate enough to be invited to a great cook but stranger's place (my friend's sister's in law's...which means a complete stranger, right?). Started with great appetizers (as long as there are several kind of GOOD cheese, it is always perfect to me) with great Syrah, martini and them all... and of course, turkey. Even though I am not big fan of turkey, I could tell it was a good turkey, tender and juicy...yum. However I just had a slice of it, and filled my tummy with nicely grilled veggies, pies, and homemade cranberry & orange butter cake which was my favourite. Ohh...getting hungry just to remember those! Thanks to my lovely friend! She was so kind enough to take care of me when she invited me to another party a day after where I got drunk so bad for the first time. Have to treat her a nice Japanese dinner (NOT sushi) one day.

Other than that, I was pretty busy with all the assignments I have kept for a while. However, as usual, so much distubances being in my room. So I started to redecorate my room, and look what I made! (painted) Isn't it adorable?? It is supposed to be purple with gold polarization glitters. Took so long time to finish since I had to paint a couple times to get the colour. I love it!


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