Thursday, January 18, 2007

3 LUCK a man can get..?

Someone told me that there are 3 luck a man desires;

1. a British passport

2. US dollars
...also understandable.

3. a Japanese wife
.......??? What a hell...?

I know that many or most people in this world think Japanese people are so calm, peaceful, and obedient. And I think that is true if compared with other overly aggressive Americans or Europeans, but... what a nasty stereotype it is! I was so upset when I heard this even though the person who told me wasn't expecting me to take it seriously.

I am one individual person. Even though I am Japanese, it is just a part of myself, not who I am. What does it mean by saying "Japanese wife"? People think all the Japanese are the same? Nice and obedient? Don't have their own voice to claim what they believe? Weird? Crazy? blah blah blah...What else would you say, huh?

Can't we have personality? Doesn't it matter who I am? Is that the only thing people care the fact "I am Japanese"?
This is the moment I hate being a Japanese.


Blogger Eugene R said...

I think your blame is misdirected. It should really be aimed at Japanese MEN, who for generations have cultivated the image of obedience in women.

I am all for obedience in women, Japanese or otherwise. You, unfortunately, are far from obedient )

10:15 AM  

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