Tuesday, September 05, 2006


It is almost midnight of Labor Day (well, it won't be Labor Day any more when the clock shows midnight...whatever). For someone who is not working like me, it was just another day to prepare for coming exams getting away from nice and warm sunshine to a cold, fresh-paint-smell room (now, with smells of fresh-baked cookies and brownies my housemate baked...) What a great Labor Day. Love it.

The beat of Electoronica music makes my beat slower...God, it suppose to keep me awake.

What I did during this lovely Labor Day weekend were;
-dinner with my friend
-succesful experiment in baking bread
-studying in my new room and making my back stiff
-watching movies and making myself depressed
-getting new Electoronica music
-getting new bottles of wine
-another dinner with the same friend

Wow, I cannot believe that I didn't even touch my camera. I must be sick.

What am I doing here? Is this what I want? This fucking place makes me sick.

This is the introduction for this blog.


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