Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Uniform Project

[via greenz.jp]

I never thought how sustainable "uniform" can be. Uniform has been such a disastrous thing for teenage girls with huge interest in fashion and love - I remember wearing them layering with all sorts of jumpers and under shirts to make it look different from the original (boring) style when I was in high school. On the other hand, I remember not buying so much clothes while in junior and high school. Only clothes I needed were ones I wear during the weekends, and usually even the weekends were taken by my sport club activities (which requires to wear another uniform!). I realised the fact my closet is pretty much empty when I got freed from the uniformed society. This (amazingly creative) girl, however, took this negative commonsense about the uniform as a challenge for her passion for fashion and social awareness. Now the project has started the year 2, which people voluntarily wear the same dress with fun twist everyday for a month to keep people's attention (and eyes entertained).

At last, uniform isn't bad at all, right?


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