Monday, September 27, 2010


[Image from Hachikin no Uta (Photos by Koichi Yamamoto)]

I do not like to write about (dirty) politics in my pleasant blog. However, this issue involves the Senkaku Islands is such a hot topic (and ridiculously outrageous) here in Japan and in China right now and listening to what Japanese media and government had to say, I found something I want to say.

These islands located in the middle of ocean (nowhere) between the main Okinawa Island and Taiwan. The closest island to these Senkaku Islands is the Ishigaki Island, which is a Japanese island. The cause of this conflict between Japan and China is the location, and also the large oil and gas reserves (oh, not again!) around the islands indicated in 1969.

I won't summarize the history and such so on - you can google it as always. What I want to say about this issue is that, why can't we agree to stay in peace? Both countries claim that there are a number of evidence from old days to show it belongs to Japan or China, but no one except the local fishermen around the area was interested in that matter until the (dirty) oil thing came up. The only people who was trying to keep, or more like preserve, the island was the fishermen in Ishigaki Island whose ancestors used to live on the Uotsuri Island, one of the Senkaku Iskands. Yes, there are millions of gallons of oil hiding, but no one has got it yet even though they know - so why don't we agree to stay away from it? In this overly globalized world, we started to realize this materialistic society isn't working in terms of protecting the environment, people, and our intelligent and beautiful culture and spirit. Is it wise to fight over some resource, which we know we no longer should rely on, and to lose the harmony and cause more evils spreading out to the world? Even if the oil is found, there will be only a handful of people who receive the wealth - the poor stays poor, the sick people stay sick, and the world stays chaotic and polluted.

Someone told me that humans are the only animals that can think about the future, good, and bad. So why are acting like uncivilized bloodthirsty animals?


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