Monday, May 17, 2010

So ordinary, but so extraordinary.

[via BuzzFeed]

Being from Japan where bicycling is considered as an ordinary transportation choice for everyone young and old, living in a place bicycling is mostly considered as an extraordinary transportation choice that only those who are fit and hip are allowed to choose is an interesting experience. Yes, it is great that there is a movement to promote more safe bike lanes and bike parking spaces - but I cannot help thinking about how wrong the marketing this idea has become in this city. Having incorrectly advertised and educated out-of-control-Critical-Mass(violence) every month, it raises more bitter criticism from residents and decision makers. Young aggressive hip-stars on fixies riding bicycles without any manners and bicycling education (yes, we do have mandatory bicycle education at 4th grade in Japan) would not appeal to older grown-ups and parents to have their children riding bicycles in the city. [Photo by Noriko Kakue]
Watching this video makes us (by "us", I mean the people in a city like San Francisco, where bicycling is still just a sub-culture) realize why we want a bicycle-friendly city. It will definitely take a different approach to make this dream come true, don't you think so, San Franciscans?


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