Tuesday, March 09, 2010

(updated) quick announcement!: BLDGBLOG

Finally, Geoff Manaugh, the author of BLDGBLOG(aka my favourite blog), will speak to San Franciscans! I have been secretary admiring him for the past few years, and got enormously upset when he held the book party in NY, instead of his home city, SF, last year. But, time has come - SPUR is hosting this wonderful event on March 16th at 6pm.

Don't judge me for being such a dork, but I am taking my (well adored)BLDGBLOG book with me.


So I finally made it to Geoff Manaugh talk (10 minutes after it started...I blame the MUNI for it) and I very much enjoyed the night. Even though I was suffering from ill-sound coughing, high fever, and extreme dizziness from cold, his talk was fun, smart and inspiring. Funny, I have been reading all what he talked about, but still amaze me again.


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