Monday, August 24, 2009

Fees to live...

(Photo by Jan Tik from wikipedia)
One of my favourite blog writers and an futurist (or theorist?), Geoff Manaugh, posted an interesting article about fees for public services on his famous blog, BLDGBLOG. I, as an environmentalist, have been supportive for increase of fees related to automobile ownerships, such as parking fees and taxation for gasoline and cars, to finance the urban re-planning to make cities more affordable and livable. However, his point of view is pretty interesting and made me think the different perspective of this "fee system" we have in our society.

"This would seem to cut to some of the most basic questions of what services constitute a city in the first place: what a government might provide and how it is that we will pay for what it offers." - Geoff Manaugh


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