Tuesday, August 18, 2009

book to book: The Reader

I love love love this book. Yes, I picked this book influenced by the movie with Kate Winslet who is, I think, one of the most fierce and beautiful actresses. (On top of her beauty with German accent English) The story was beautiful and the theme was really interesting. It is always the case that the original book is better and deeper, so "why not" I thought. Oh my, once I took the copy of the book from the bookshelf, I was drawn into the world of Bernhard Schlink . The story itself is well constructed and strong enough to catch you, but also he can colour the story so bright. And, of course, the book was much better than the movie. I still recommend people to watch the movie and to read the book both though. Feel a little different impressions you will receive from the movie and the book, but the common thing is that both are amazingly shot and written.


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